The Hidden Connection Between Carol Kirkwood & Owain Wyn Evans From Beyond The TV Show


BBC Breakfast star Owain Wyn Evans has revealed a connection to Carol Kirkwood that dates back to before they joined the TV show.

He joined the show at the start of last year as a cover presenter, but it turns out he’s known weather presenter Carol for much longer. Owain, 37, told Express that they both began their career together back in London.

He actually worked as a producer with Carol at the BBC for many years before switching to being on-camera.

Owain said: “I always think that Carol is such a great warm presenter, she’s a fabulous weather presenter.

“And I used to work with her actually because I was a weather producer for BBC Weather down in London.”

“I produced the graphics and helped shape the weather story, that sort of thing.

“So I worked really closely with Carol for many, many years.

“And she’s just as warm and lovely as she appears on screen in real life.”

Their adorable friendship continues, and Carol made sure to congratulate him with a lovely message when he first landed his job on BBC Breakfast.

He remembered: “When I started doing the weather cover shifts, she sent me a lovely message.

“It just said, ‘All the best, you’ll smash it.’” Owain is no stranger to TV as he first started broadcasting at just 18-years-old.

The star hosted Welsh-language show Ffeil before going eventually going on to work for BBC Wales. Back in 2019, he started work as the lead weather reporter for BBC North West Tonight. He admits though that many people think he’s a newcomer and an overnight success.

He said: “I suppose you have to go back quite a long time to fully realise where this started for me.

“People see me popping up for BBC Breakfast and think, ‘Oh he’s just started doing this. He’s new.’

“But I started doing weather back in 2012 and I was the first weather presenter really to do digital personality-based video forecasts when we had Vine back in the day.

“Since then, I’ve always thought about things that I’d really love to do and BBC Breakfast has been one of them.

“Being able to do these weekend shifts for them, it’s just been fab.”

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