The Inside Story of Donald Trump’s Dinner with Kanye West & Nick Fuentes according to Karen Giorno, Former Trump Advisor


A trusted member of Donald Trump’s inner circle is sharing new details about that infamous Nov. 22 dinner between the former president, rapper Kanye “Ye” West and white nationalist Nick Fuentes.

Karen Giorno, a former senior advisor for the Trump campaign, tells Inside Edition’s Les Trent that she attended that dinner that evening.

“What was pitched to me was that [Ye] was coming into the airport and that they wanted to trust the person who would be able to pick him up,” Giorno says.

She explained that Ye wanted to talk about his presidential ambitions that evening, despite growing outrage at his recent comments that many consider racist and antisemitic.

Giorno says that she was asked to pick Ye up at the airport and then drive to Mar-a-Lago. Giorno claims she was driving to Miami for Ye when Giorno got a phone call informing that Ye would be joining two other guests.

Who is one of these guests? Nick Fuentes, Giorno says.

“When [Trump] arrived, he saw Ye and was happy to see him. He then turns to us and this is when I thought something was off,” Giorno says. “He  looked at us puzzled like, not understanding why I was there.”

Girono observes that “president was gracious,” despite the apparent unexpected change in plans.

When Trump asked Ye if they should go eat dinner, Giorno says she asked if he wanted to dine with just Ye.

Trump informed Ye he could decide, says Giorno, and the rapper ultimately chose to have everyone at the meal.

Giorno claims that Trump met with Fuentes at the dinner. But, he says: “I don’t believe [Trump] knew who Fuentes was.”

“And even if his last name was given, I don’t think [Trump] would have known who he was,”She continues. “I barely know the guy’s background.”

Giorno states that Fuentes impressed the former president by praising their speeches.

“He was able to give insight to [Trump] about his speech – so [Trump] was impressed by his knowledge,”She says.

Giorno reports that Trump and Ye had a great time discussing the upcoming election. “Ye did ask the president to be his running mate in 2024, and [he] giggled, laughed, smirked,” Giorno says.

Giorno said that the funny things happened later in the meal.

“It was over the comments Trump made about his ex-wife [Kim],” Giorno says. “There were superlatives, and basically not-so-nice words.”

“And Ye’s response was, ‘That’s the mother of my children – you’re talking about the mother of my children.'”


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