The internet is baffled at the discovery of a woman who looks 90 years younger than her actual age.


A woman “90 years young”Her youthful appearance and her fitness regimen have impressed everyone on the Internet.

Dalyce Barnett Radtke (USA) uploaded a video of her inspiring mum on TikTok. She quizzes her about her healthy lifestyle.

The woman looks very hale in light blue jeans and a bold red jumper.

Dalyce wants to know what her mum thinks “secret”Her mum first insists that it is. “good genetics”However, she acknowledges that her lifestyle has a part to play since her mother died at the ripe old age of 82.

According to her mum, she began working out at the gym when she was six years old. “Something inside me lets me know that I feel better when I move around.”

Woman '90 years young' baffles the internet with secret to youthful looks
Dalyce shared a video showing her healthy, active mother

“I didn’t go to the gym for years and years and years,”She adds.

People asked her daughter for her beauty regimen. Her daughter answered that it was. “nothing other than bar soap and water cleanser and face lotion”.

The video was viewed more than 2 million times. Many people were skeptical that she was still in her nineties. Others attributed her youthful appearance to her positive attitude.

One user complimented her and said, “Ninety and still rocking some jeans,”While another said “Her posture is impeccable”.

A third option is: “It helps that she isn’t dressed like a 90-year-old, no grey hair, makeup, etc!”

“My dad is 89 and still building decks, exercising and doing heavy yard work. He is amazing, and the younger kids can’t keep up with him!”A fourth was added.

Another viewer laughed: “I’m relieved, I still have a few years before I need to hit the gym!! God Bless!”

Someone else said: “Medic here. Our 90-year-olds are the HEALTHIEST gen I’ve seen. One or two meds. The next-gen is unhealthy with bags of meds. Stagnant in life.”