The Latest Disturbing Astroworld Lawsuit Shines Gruesome light on Tragedy


Travis Scott has been facing lawsuits from over a hundred fans who were in attendance at Astroworld, but now he’s being sued by festival workers. It’s the latest in a slew of lawsuits the rapper and the event organizers are facing.

Scott Now Faces Lawsuit from Festival Security

Astroworld festival security personnel are suing everyone involved, including Scott, his label and event organizers. Two security guards claim that Scott has been sued for $1million after he was exposed to the horrors of Astroworld. Samuel Bush and Jackson Bush are the guards who were hired to work at Astroworld by AJ Melino & Associate. 

They claim they were subject to mental and physical injuries in the now-infamous show that left ten people dead and injured. Jackson claims that he witnessed dead bodies being given CPR, and pulled another unconscious body from the crowd while thousands of spectators rushed the stage. 

Both claim that the crowd was much larger than what was expected. While the festival sold 50,000 tickets to attendees, guards said that there were many more who got in without tickets. This resulted in a dangerously large attendance.  Scott is being sued by the couple, as well as AJ Melino and Cactus Jack Records. 

Only The Most Recent Lawsuit

This is just the latest in Scott’s ongoing legal woes. For $2 billion, he was sued on behalf of 280 supporters. Scott is working with his legal team to develop strategies as more lawsuits pile up. The rapper has been laying low in his Houston mansion -–without girlfriend Kylie Jenner by his side. She was there for the first few days but quickly left to go home to Los Angeles. 

Many people are blaming Scott for not being compassionate. He’s released a statement, apologizing for the tragic events at the show. He’s also reportedly paying for the funerals of those who died – including a 9-year-old boy – and therapy for those who were traumatized by their attendance at the show. However, some don’t believe this is enough. 

Scott has long been accused of creating dangerous situations at his shows; he’s even been arrested and charged for reckless conduct at various festivals over the years. He’s also been sued by injured fans before, too. Many lay the blame for the tragic events at Astroworld entirely at Scott’s feet. 

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