The Man Who Rescued a Beloved French Bulldog Runaway Across the Country Claims That He Was Trying To Save It


French bulldogs sell for up to $5,000 which makes them a popular target of thieves. One woman’s runaway dog was taken in California and ended up on the other side of the country. 

Rachel Avery was outside when Jag ran off with his leash. Three strangers riding in an SUV grabbed Jag and took him to safety.

Avery, who is from West Hollywood, was immediately offered a $5,000 reward.

She got the call she had been praying for. The cops informed her that they had located the man who was responsible for her dog’s death. He said it wasn’t dognapping but that he was trying to save the little boy.

Jag agreed to be returned, but he was already home in Philadelphia, 3000 miles away. Avery was willing to travel across the country. She met her dog at Philadelphia’s airport and they were reunited.

Avery was skeptical of the claim by Jag that he wasn’t dognapped.

“They could have taken him to an animal shelter, they could have taken him to a vet,”She spoke.

She also claimed that she was “unable to make a statement on the reward situation.” 

“All that’s important is that I got my dog back, and that’s what was most important to me.”

Avery said that she has no plans to file charges.  

A French Bulldog expert recommends that owners microchip their dogs to increase the chance of their dog being returned if taken.