The Masked Song: TV Heartthrob and NFL Star are Sent Packing


Grab your Pogs and put on your best flannel shirt—The Masked Singer took things back in time.

The mystery celebrity contestants were given the task of celebrating the music and performing performances that would have inspired even the most jaded Tamogatchi to show signs of life on the Nov. 6 episode.

First: The Walrus made his debut with a rendition of “Two Princes”By Spin DoctorsThis was preceded by a clue packet that contained screaming fans at a local shopping mall, Jenny the cat, and the hint that Walrus was responsible of a very popular TV catchphrase. 

Next, The MilkshakeThe clue package contained peach pits, orange juice and an ice cream cone sundae. There were also references to Wiz Khalifa Snoop Dogg. Milkshake then impressed the crowd with his take-on Sir Mix-a Lot‘s “Jump On It.”

Finally, The Lambs—a trio of singers in Little Bo Peep-inspired costumes—returned to the stage after advancing on the Oct. 26 episode. The trio’s new clue was a film roll, clapperboard and performance of “Ironic”By Alanis Morissette.

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