The Most Dramatic Rescues of 2020


These were the most dramatic rescues in 2022, a year full of heart-stopping moments.

A teenager drove behind buildings carrying her baby in a baggie. She then threw the baby in a trash bag and drove away. Three people saw the baby in the trash, and they thought they had heard a cat. The bag was found with the baby still alive by the three of them.

Also in January, as kids were watching TV when the oldest, 9-year-old Tristan Cook, smelled smoke. He got up, opened his door, and found their den in flames. He took immediate action. His sister zoomed out with her hoverboard, and his other siblings followed. All made it safely.

In February, there was a desperate race to save two children trapped inside an apartment. A bodycam captured Arizona police using rocks to open the window. A good Samaritan appeared from nowhere. He looked just like Spider-Man, climbed the fence and stood on the air conditioner. Then he ripped the window off the outside of the house, and he returned to the inside. The man then returned with a baby. The officer took her to the hospital and the man returned inside to save another child.

A bull was thrown from a bull in March by a cowboy. As the wranglers attempted diverting the bull, a man ran into the arena and threw the body of the unconscious man onto it. It wasn’t just any spectator. It was the bull rider’s father.

A police dashcam captured the moment in April when officers and a kind Samaritan saved a Florida man from a burning car. After hearing the man screaming and a loud crash, neighbors called 911. The seatbelt was wrapped around the man’s neck and upper body when deputies arrived. It was too hot to bear, so the rescue effort was difficult. To free the victim, they used a pocketknife to remove the seatbelt. The good Samaritan helped the man to get out safely.

A rescue was performed in April after one home was set on fire. The dog who was barking at the garage was heard making high-pitched sounds. Cops broke open the door with a shovel. One Husky fled the garage filled with smoke. Seven puppies were still in the garage. The cop took seven puppies out and loaded them in a large food bowl. They were both able to get better after receiving medical attention and massages.

A man and woman riding a bike were struck from behind by a car at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina in June. The woman fell from the bike and the driver was trapped beneath it. Strangers who were watching quickly intervened and lifted the vehicle. The victim was eventually pulled to safety.

In November, Me’Atia Sanderson was hailed a hero after jumping into a retention pond to save a drowning baby. The Florida sheriff’s deputy jumped into the murky water without hesitation. According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, Sanderson is unable to swim but still took action. When the baby was free from the water, Sanderson performed CPR until assistance arrived. The baby survived thanks to her quick thinking and fearlessness.

In November, another Georgia marathon runner had a heart attack. After cops located the man, another runner gave chest compressions to the victim. After 10 minutes of agony, the unconscious runner finally regained consciousness. He was surprised to be alert when he was brought to the hospital.

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