The mum-to be is furious when her partner bans her mother from the delivery room – because she’ll ruin’ it


A pregnant woman is angry at her boyfriend who refuses to allow her mom in the delivery area when she gives birth. Because he believes she will ruin the moment,

You have many choices as a mother of a baby.

Although most women desire their partner to be present at the birth, some of us might prefer a trusted woman to guide us, such as our mum.

Reddit mum-to be one of the most furious at her boyfriend. He told her that he didn’t want her in the delivery room, as he saw it as theirs. “special moment”That would be. “ruined”If anyone was not there.

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The woman, aged 23, explained that she plans to have a homebirth. Her mum has experience giving birth and is a qualified midwife, so she can help with any problems.

She spoke out In her post : “My partner doesn’t want my mum to be involved in the birth, but I do. I’m 38 weeks pregnant and planning a home birth. This has been a point of contention for the last few months, but after our last discussion a couple of weeks ago I thought he understood why I wanted my mum there.

“Tonight’s argument was triggered when he learned that his entire family is suffering from Covid right now and won’t be able come around for the next few weeks. He believes that he doesn’t have a support system, while I have everything I need.

“My mum and I have a very close relationship, I lived just with her until I was 19 and moved out and she moved abroad to Australia. Due to Covid, I haven’t seen my mum in years and she’s flying in tomorrow, for a month, to support me through the birth and meet her first grandbaby.

“My main reasons for wanting her there include: she’s been through it before and I want a woman’s support who has experienced childbirth (if not my mum I would want my aunt or nan).

“I need someone to be there who will support me and allow me to enjoy my first baby. My partner and me had only been together for a few months before I became pregnant. We have just celebrated one year of being together. He is a wonderful person and I love him, but I am not sure how helpful he will be in my time of need.

“My mum is also a fully trained midwife and having her there is like a security blanket in case anything goes wrong.

“My partner doesn’t have much knowledge on childbirth/biology, and I worry about his reaction to the gore.

However, the boyfriend of the woman decided to take the matter into his own hands and won’t allow anyone else to witness their baby’s birth. He believes that only the father should be there.

She continued: “His reasons are: it should be just our ‘special moment’, in his eyes only the father should be in the room, he should be enough support for me, and he doesn’t want my mum taking his place and pushing him out of the way.

“I suggested to my mom that she be present through labor but that she leave during the ‘pushing,’ so that there will be only us when baby is born. He disagreed.

“I don’t want him to feel excluded from what will be a very special time for both of us but I also feel like as the one giving birth I have a right to have as much support as I feel I need.”

Reddit commenters were strongly in favor of the woman. Many stated that because she gave birth, she decides who is allowed to be there with her.

One person said: “You are the one giving birth, you decide who’s in the room. Your partner has no say in this.”

Another added: “You both might be about to have a baby, but only one of you is going to endure childbirth. You have the right to all the care and support you need, and your partner is incredibly selfish to think otherwise.”

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