The mystery of the ‘Jet Pack Man,’ sightings that perplex pilots near LAX may finally have been solved


Is the mystery surrounding jetpack sightings near Los Angeles International Airport now solved? Investigators believe that the mysterious jet pack sightings near Los Angeles International Airport are finally solved. “jet pack man”It is possible that the large balloons spotted by multiple pilots were actually large balloons.

Just-released video from an LAPD helicopter appears to show what the mysterious object in the sky really is — a Jack Skellington balloon — the spooky character from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”

“One working theory is that pilots might have seen balloons,”A spokesperson for the FBI said.

Steve Cowell, an aviation expert, says that balloons can be dangerous.

“Whoever is doing this is really, really tempting fate and can be placing an aircraft in serious danger, lives in serious danger,”Cowell spoke.

The airwalker balloon seen in the LAPD video can be found at any party shop. Inside Edition filled a Jack Skellington balloon with Helium to demonstrate the process. It was ready in just a few minutes. If it wasn’t kept low, it would go away.

There were three distinct sightings that indicated the existence of what appeared as a “jet pack man”Los Angeles at 6,000 feet, including one video taken by a flight instructor in 2020.