The New Retirement Game: Dungeons & Dragons


Covid has changed how we think about everything. From where we work to what we learn. It’s even changed how people are starting to think about retirement. People are now learning to place more importance on their social capital than assessing their financial capital. People used to think that retirement meant relaxing and reading books in silence. But, they are changing their minds about how they view their golden years.

Why D&D?

One such game that has increased in popularity among those retiring is Dungeons & Dragons. Nope, Dungeons & Dragons isn’t just for teenagers anymore. Many senior citizens are starting to play the game—instead of fishing, retirees are finding it more fun to dodge traps and defeat monsters. Many older players love the escape element of the game, and even use it to communicate with their grandchildren.

Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy tabletop role-playing game. Players pretend to play fantasy characters as they embark on a group adventure. They fight monsters, explore terrain and then roll the dice to determine their outcomes. The story is guided by the Dungeon Master.

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The game has evolved a lot since its inception by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax in 1974. It was originally created as an alternative for miniature-military-war gaming. The latest version includes new online playing options and can be seen in classrooms, therapist’s offices, and even bars. The game rule books are a top seller.

The game’s popularity has fluctuated over its 48-year history, but in 2018, its developers, Wizards of the Coast, sold more units than ever before. The game is considered trendy and is appearing everywhere. Stranger ThingsRefer to plot on shows like The Big Bang Theory Futurama.

Celebrities also on board

It’s not surprising that Anderson Cooper is a fan, but even tough guys like Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson have recently come out as D&D fans. Drew Barrymore and James Franco have been mentioned as fans, as has Stephen Colbert. Joe Manganiello is so obsessed with the fantasy game that he wrote a D&D movie script.

People play it today at pop-up restaurants and bars such as “Joke and Dagger: Dungeon, Dragons, and Improv”Brooklyn, New York “Dungeons, Dragons, and Drafts with Kevin” in Milford, Delaware.

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What are the options for playing? You can look for an existing group of players and join a campaign, or you can buy a D&D starter pack and create your own world.  Starter packs contain game rules, maps, and dice that can be used to create worlds and castles. Think about the friends you might like to have a campaign with: Who wants to talk about binging? Game of Thrones? Who gave their cat Bilbo its name? Who spends their weekends at Renaissance Fairs? Once you have formed a group you will be able to fight goblins in Castle Retirement.

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