The New Video Shows Royal Supporters Split on Who Prince George Looks Like in the Most.


Many fans of the monarchy wonder what the future will look like for the youngest members of their royal family. Many are divided over who posted a video by a royal fan. Prince George resembles most.

Fans Confirm Similarities Between William, Diana, Kate, and Queen Elizabeth

The video showed a slideshow of photos of George from over the years, from his christening to his appearance at the queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Although the video was a sweet one, fans were split on which parent they preferred. 

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“Splitting [sic] image of his Dad,”One commented. “He looks like the Spencer side…” another person wrote, referring to William’s late mother Princess Diana’s side of the family. “He’s a Spencer,”Someone agreed. 

Another person was able to be more specific by writing. “He looks like Diana’s brother Earl Spencer to me anyway.”Some fans however saw a resemblance with other members of the family. “Very similar to his beautiful mother and great grandmother Elizabeth,”One person wrote. “So much Diana In him,”Another fan commented. 

One person summarised the arguments very well simply by writing. “He is the perfect combination of his dad and mum.” In a video that was posted to another accountPrince George can sometimes be heard talking, which led to another discussion about the most similarity he has. 

‘Prince George Is The One Who Most Looks Like Diana!’

“This is the first time I ever heard his voice and I saw Princess Diana’s expression at the end,”The account captioned this video. “Same gesture Diana made when she said of ‘Course’ in that famous interview with Charles…Cute grandchildren!”Someone commented. Another wrote: “Prince George is the one who most looks like Diana! Princess Charlotte looks exactly like her father when he was 7!”

“So cute,”Another fan wrote. “I think that Prince George’s looks are strongly favoring the Spencer side of the family – same as his father Prince William, who so strongly resembles his late mother Diana, Princess of Wales.”

So far, it seems like many believe the royal children—especially Prince George—resemble their father, his mother Princess Diana, and her side of the family, in both looks and behavior. Prince Harry’s children are also getting compared to their parents, with many thinking Archie resembles mom Meghan Markle while Lilibet is the spitting image of her dad. It will be interesting to see what the future royals will look like when they are older! 

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