The Next Breakout Star of Bridgerton Isn’t Even Human


This is paw-ssibly the best news we’ve heard all day! 

Fans of Julia Quinn‘s The Viscount Who Loved Me have been waiting for this one. The most important character of Bridgerton‘s season two has finally been casted—Newton, Kate Sharma’s (Simone Ashley) mischievous corgi.

“Newton is beloved, and I always wanted to include him in this season,” creator Chris Van Dusen teased in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “There’s a little arc for him that audiences can look forward to.”

Fans of the novel know that Newton tends to find himself in trouble. And apparently—according to Ashley and Charithra Chandran, who stars as Edwina—the four-legged actor, Austin, is very similar.

“Austin was not necessarily the best-behaved dog,” Chandran shared in the same interview. “But there were so many hilarious moments. There was a scene where he’s outside and you had to get him to sit by feeding him treats. At one point, he was so full on all the treats, he just fell asleep on the set in the middle of his shot.”