The Northern Lights Could Be Visible for Many People in Europe and America This Weekend


Space Weather Prediction Center announced that G3, or a very powerful geomagnetic storm watch, has been issued for October 30, and 31, respectively. This announcement comes just after a large solar eruption occurred Thursday. It is expected to reach earth this weekend.

According to astronomers, this will cause the aurora borealis to be supercharged, and it may be visible in many parts of Europe and the United States. CNN.

From Portland, Oregon to New York City, the Northern Lights may be visible. Weather permitting, it may even be seen far south around Carson City, Nevada; Raleigh, North Carolina, and Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

In Europe, the lights could be visible in countries like Ireland, Finland, Germany, Russia, Scotland and Sweden.

According to CNN, Australia and New Zealand could also get a show as the aurora australis (or the Southern Lights) will have similar effects. 

The storm could also cause problems such as high-frequency loss and radio blackouts, irregular voltages and false alarms from protection devices.