The One Show viewers were shocked by the truth about Dame Sheila Hancock’s age


Thursday’s edition Of The One Show featured Dame Sheila Hancock, who promoted her book Old Rage and talked about the imminent death of her due to her age

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Dame Sheila Hancock shows her real age

As they tuned in to Thursday’s One Show, viewers were shocked to see how old Dame Sheila Hancock really is.

British actress was invited to speak to Alex Jones, BBC Studio host, about her new book, Old Rage. Her interview went down well.

Lenny Henry joined Dame Sheila on the show and was equally shocked to discover that she will be celebrating her 90th birthday next month.

Dame Sheila spoke about her book: “I was asked by the publisher to write an inspirational book about old age and about death not being frightening and then Brexit happened and I was rage, despair, desperation, beside myself.

“After my daughter fell terribly ill, I was scared to death. After that, I became very ill with a condition called rheumatoidarthritis which can drastically alter your life. Because I was so vulnerable to the virus, I was kept in a cell.” she continued.

“It became a book about old age that was more honest than the one I had planned to write. It was my attempt to capture life as it is.”

She then added: “For me, death is imminent. I am almost 90 years old, and I don’t have any symptoms.”

Lenny looked stunned and commented: “It’s impossible! Really?” to which Sheila replied: “Of course, I am!”

The One Show viewers were just as shocked and took to Twitter to comment.

“Sheila doesn’t look 90 years old wow #TheOneShow” one person wrote, while another tweeted: “#TheOneShow #lady 90 wow, i thought she was younger than that.”

A third person posted: “Wow, she looks stunning at #TheOneShow” and a fourth simply gushed: “Sheila Hancock was absolutely brilliant on the @BBCTheOneShow Wow, what an incredible lady.

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