‘The Pioneer Woman’ Star Ree Drummond Shares Look at Her Most Loyal Followers


Ree Drummond has plenty of support between her family and friends on The Pioneer Woman on Food Network. But as she shared recently on social media, she has one crew that won’t leave her side, especially if scritches are involved.

Drummond has no trouble sharing some of the intimate moments of her life, with this clip of her dogs keeping her tight as they walk through the field on her property. While some of her family’s dogs are off ahead of the group, one particular hound is right by her side.

“The other dogs are several paces ahead, flopping around and running to and fro. But Lucy never ever leaves my side. (Neither does Tinkerbell),” Drummond wrote in the caption of the post. According to Outsider, Tinkerbell refers to the light from the sunset causing lens flaring. But it is also a proper name for a dog, possibly a small one.

The Drummonds also have a quartet of Basset hounds, two labrador retrievers and a German Shepherd. One of the more lovable dogs on the ranch is Walter, the Basset hound that droops with the best of them.

“Walter is the last remaining dog that reminds us of a time when the kids were little, and we make sure to show him how much we cherish him,” Drummond wrote about the pup on her blog. “He loves nothing more than being home, being loved on, and smelling like stale Fritos.” As shared over at The Pioneer Woman site, Walter has “meet and greets,” gab sessions and plenty of relaxation with visitors. Walter also gets plenty of naps in throughout the day until official bedtime at 9 p.m. with a belly full of dog food.

Drummond has plenty of other animals enjoying their lives on the ranch, apart from dogs. In January, Drummond shared a video of her “combination barn/porch/roof cat” getting curious with a frozen pond. “I used to try to intervene and call out to him, but it just drove him farther out to the center of the pond and that was a really stressful situation (for me, not for him). This cat has gotten himself out of countless sticky situations for ten years, and has successfully evaded coyotes, eagles, hawks, and rattlesnakes, so I have ultimately determined that this is one feline that’s gonna be just fine,” the caption reads.

No better day than a good day spent with a pet. If you’re lucky they never end until both parties are prepared to bid farewell. Drummond is essentially in a paradise of her own making.