The plans of a Mum of 16 are cute but have a strange naming tradition.


A 16-year-old mother of two has decided not to use contraception and is looking into names for her baby when she becomes pregnant with 17.

Patty Hernandez, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA says she feels the same way. “really fertile”The family is so confident they will soon have a new member.

The mum, a 40-year-old, said that the couple plan to continue their partnership. ‘cute’Naming tradition: All children are given names that begin with ‘C’.

Carlos, a 39-year-old father, started the tradition.

Talk to The MirrorPatty stated: “We are trying for baby number 17. We are doing God’s will and our prayer to him is to extend our family more if he wants to.

Baby number 16 was the longest and hardest pregnancy Patty has had yet, but she plans to do it again
Patty’s 16th pregnancy was her longest and most difficult, but she is determined to repeat it.

“We always wanted a big family but never thought God would bless us this much.

“As I trust God and am truly fertile, I believe I can conceive again.

“We are thinking of naming the child Carter if he is a boy and Clair if she is is a girl.”

Patty, who owns her cleaning company, gave birth last May to Clayton, her sixteenth child.

Patty said it was her hardest pregnancy to date, but she described the birth as a “blessing from God” and expressed an openness to the possibility of having more children.

The couple have given all their children named beginning with C to honour dad Carols
Carols, the couple has named all their children starting with C.

She revealed that Clayton’s mother and her husband struggled to come up with a name starting with “C” before Clayton was born.

She said previously: “We couldn’t figure out a name and then Clayton just popped into my head.

“We wanted to keep the tradition of naming all our children with letters beginning with “C” for all future generations. Carlos is the name of my husband…it’s a tribute.

“God has blessed us with all these kids, I know some people don’t agree and there are nasty comments online but for us, it’s a big blessing.

“I didn’t think I would have a large family until I had babies. It was then that I realized, “This is cool! Why not?” It’s great fun.

The mum was 40 weeks pregnant when she gave birth to Clayton (pictured)
Clayton was delivered to his mother at 40 weeks gestation (pictured).

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“If God wants us to have another child we will have another one.”

Clayton was delivered at 40 weeks gestation by the mother, her longest yet.

“All my other births have been before 38 weeks. He just didn’t want to come out,”She said.

Patty stated that most nurses recognized her when she came in to deliver the baby.

She stated: “They were like ‘you were here last year, we see you every year.'”

Feeding their massive family is no easy task, with an eye-watering £650 food bill every two weeks – but Patty wanted to stress that they receive no help or Government support.

They earn enough money from their cleaning business to cover their expenses. Carlos Jr., their oldest son, hopes to soon be able help them at the family business.

The couple has never used contraception. They also have three sets, Carla, Caitlyn, Calvin, Catherine, Caleb, and Caroline.

The eight remaining children are: Christopher, Celeste and Cristina.