The ‘Possessed Mum’ insists that she was’spiked” before she offered sex at the Christmas work party


A mother who was fired from her job claims she was suspended “spiked by injection”After becoming a mother, “possessed” “offered sex”At a Christmas party at work

Michelle Hosking, 42 years old, has been placed under investigation for gross misconduct. She was temporarily relieved from her role as a safety and security adviser.

According to some, the single mom-of-2 is not a good idea. “switched”Before colleagues, who accused her de prostitution of them for sex. “mental and possessed”, Birmingham Live reports.

She claimed to have suffered a severe bruise on her thigh, with a visible ‘pin prick,’ and that she cannot recall any of her behavior since December 10.

Ms. Hosking reported the crime the next day to West Midlands Police on December 11th. She was admitted to hospital after having ‘lost four hours’ at Clayton Hotel.

Hosking insists there was a prick on her arm and that she went to hospital the next day
Michelle Hosking claims that there was a pinched nerve in her arm. She went to the hospital the next day.

Three days later, she was removed from her job as a Bournville Village Trust health and safety advisor. She had been there for 15 months.

The Trust stated that they had taken the allegations of spiking, and misconduct seriously “very seriously”.

Michelle said: “I used to love working for them but the way they have treated me is horrendous.

“I understand the feelings of these other girls because you don’t expect it to happen and no one’s there to support you when it does. [the injecting]”Don’t know what goes on behind the scenes.”

The Trust suspended the mum after allegations were aired of her "offering sex" at a Christmas party
The Trust suspended the mother after she made allegations about her. “offered sex”To colleagues at a Christmas party

She continued: “I’m a single mum I’ve got two children, I’ve got a mortgage to pay. If the spiking is for laughs, it’s for laughs but it’s not for the people that are involved in it.

“I keep calling up to ask my employer the question and they tell me it’s still being investigated. It’s been almost three months since then and the mental health effects of all that has happened in the past are horrendous.

Michelle added that she can still remember having her starter and a glass of wine prior to three more. “tiny” drinks.

She has yet to return to work and The Trust said it could not comment on individual incidents
Michelle is yet to return to work. The Trust stated that it cannot comment on individual incidents.

She said the following about the incident: “Allegedly, obviously I don’t remember any of this, allegedly I punched a colleague, I propositioned a few people for sexual relations, I was in a relationship at the time so I can’t understand why that would happen.”

Bournville Village Trust stated that it accepts both reports. “colleague has been harmed” “accusations of misconduct”Very seriously.

The Trust said that it couldn’t comment on individual circumstances, but “offer support and regular contact”Through investigations.

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