The Premiere of Season 14 Live Episode Disgusts ‘Shark Tank’ Fanatics


 Shark Tank It’s back. The reality series is currently in Season 14. It follows hopeful entrepreneurs who are trying to find funding to fund their business ideas. Premiere featured a new element: a live audience. Fans aren’t open to this new element. The episode that featured a live audience was viewed by less than stellar social media commentary. Returning for the season are judges: Mark Cuban – owner, of the Dallas Mavericks; Barbara Corcoran – a real estate mogul; Lori Greiner  an inventor and the Queen of QVC; Robert Herjavec – a famed technology innovator; Daymond John – a fashion and branding expert; and Kevin O’Leary – a venture capitalist known as AKA “Mr. Wonderful.”Even with all the talent, the audience is still disappointed.

Live audience viewers can weigh in on the decision of the Sharks to make a deal with them or not.TV Insider To get their opinions on the live episode, Greiner chatted with Sharks. Greiner was not against it. “I will be fascinated by what they have to say. As always with market research, the consumer speaks,”She told the outlet.
“However, I have to make a wise decision for me and use my gut.”Social media reactions are a different story.

Who’s responsible?

One Twitter user won’t be following along. The new format is clearly a negative, judging by the tweet.


It’s all for the lure

Some viewers feel that the show has lost its edge. Many viewers feel the new format is more reality-based.


Doesn’t appear authentic

Some are complaining that the new format feels forced, especially with the live audience. For some, it is a problem.


Change is what

Some are expressing dismay at the lack of any changes to the format. Since its inception, the show has been a huge success.


Counterprudtcive at best

Shows are about giving honest feedback and highlighting bright ideas that could use some tweaking. It’s even more overwhelming for contestants when there is a live audience.


It’s not a positive change

The conversation has been raging about the live audience since the show’s inception. It is a mystery whether the show will continue in this manner.


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