The Queen’s Christmas Speech Might Mostly Address The Nation This Year


With Autumn setting in across the UK and the festive season on the horizon, thoughts are beginning to turn towards the contents of Queen Elizabeth II’s Christmas speech.

Typically broadcast after lunch on Christmas Day, the Queen usually addresses the nation and stresses the importance of family.

However, royal commentator Neil Sean has suggested that the reportedly “fractious” relations within her own family over the year might mean she chooses her words “more carefully”.

Tensions have supposedly been high since Meghan Markle and Prince Harry released a bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, where they leveled a number of accusations at the royal institution.

In particular, it was suggested that one unnamed royal had made comments about the potential color of the Sussexes’ son Archie’s skin.

Queen Elizabeth II

Now, speaking on his YouTube channel, Neil claimed that the Queen has been advised to only address these subjects lightly.

“Normally she alludes to the fact that it’s all about family, it’s Christmas time… But she’s going to have to tread very carefully this year in what she says and who she speaks about”, he suggested.

“Because if she offends anyone – which sadly, we all seem to do when it’s about families – she’s going to have a problem.”

Neil observed that normally speculation focused largely on the pictures of the family that adorn the area around the Queen, but suggested that this year the spotlight will instead be on what the monarch decides to mention.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles

“You see all of those family members, and a lot of media zoom in on those to see exactly who’s in and who’s out, it really is a big indication, because if your picture’s out, then you’re out”, he continued.

“But Her Majesty the Queen has been advised to focus on the good charity works that people have done this year; the success at the Olympics, and the Euro football championships…

“I think that’s a really shrewd move by the courtiers advising Her Majesty the Queen.

“Yes, she will touch on her own personal troubles, and I think more importantly may allude to some troubles within her family, but it will be very lightly touched upon.”

Alluding to the public speech the Queen gave at the start of the pandemic to comfort the population, Neil suggested the monarch may now need to use that resolve herself.

“Now for Her Majesty the Queen, once again, she’s going to have to find those words of comfort and more importantly look for comfort herself, with a family that seems to be rather fractious,” he added.