The Reaction of Ken Jeong to Rudy Guiliani’s Unmasking: How “The Masked Song” Showed His Disapproval


The Masked SingerProducers handled the reveal with the best of grace, finally revealing the moment Rudy Guiliani was revealed on the show. “Masked Singer”It is possible. This is what I mean: They spent so much time editing that you can’t tell what it was. ActuallySet went down. This includes playing down the moment that Ken Jeong, judge, stormed off the set in protest. Robin Thicke was reportedly not far behind (more so because Jeong wanted to check on Guiliani’s casting).

The Masked SingerThe show is edited so badly that viewers need to question whether audience noise, crowd reaction footage and shots of/comments by the judges are from the performance being shown. In the credits, the show admits that they have used crowd shots from previous seasons. It’s difficult to know what happened to the former president’s legal advisor, but this is how it looked on the show.

This reveal seemed to stump the judges panel, who made incorrect guesses such as Robert Duvall, Al Roker and Joe Pesci. Jeong was seen bringing it down even more, offering one his most humorous guesses and choosing to go for Telsa exec Elon Musk. The judge Nick Cannon, the host and audience all reacted in awkward ways and were stunned. Jeong looked clearly dissatisfied. He mumbled a negative when Nicole Scherzinger did not recognize Guiliani. The comic then asked if Duvall was the man on stage.

Thicke makes an awkward declaration that Jeong is next in a wide shot. “This is definitely something I never would have guessed.”Jenny McCarthy is astonished. Scherzinger politely waits to ask a question. Jeong is shown holding his arms cross, clearly upset. In another wide-shot, he’s clearly dissatisfied before finally saying “I’m done”The former mayor of New York begins singing unmasked. He then leaves the stage.

Thicke magically disappears in the next shot at the judges’ desk. Although it was claimed that Thicke followed Jeong off-stage, it is not seen in the final product. Only McCarthy and Scherzinger are shown supporting Guiliani at the desk. There is no backstage footage and editors removed Jeong’s dissatisfaction while on the stage. It was all done quickly, which leaves many questions about the reactions of the judges and the audience.

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