The Resort is a Spectacular Experience!


Take a trip like no other.

PeacockThe new comedy thriller The Resort is about to take fans on an unexpected ride that defies genre. Or, as star Nina Bloomgarden put it, expect the “everything genre.”

“When I read the pilot for the first time, right off the bat it was like, ‘Wow this is different. This is interesting and this could go in a million different ways,” Bloomgarden told E! News exclusive ahead of the July 28th premiere. “Genre-wise, it really is all over the map. After a while I was like, ‘It’s everything.’ I think it’s important to have an everything genre because life is an everything genre.”

The ResortThe story follows an out of sync couple (played here by Cristin Mioti William Jackson HarperThey attempt to reconnect in a tropical vacation. They discover thrilling twists along the way as they investigate the mysterious deaths in the past decade of two young travelers.

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