The Rolls-Royce of Thanksgiving Turkeys: $329


Turkey prices are on the rise by 14%, but would it surprise you that a 25-pounder went for $329 last year?

The “Rolls-Royce”Many Thanksgiving turkeys are from Virginia. They are hand-picked and bred to be the best. KellyBronze sells smaller birds for $200.

“It even comes with its own branded thermometer, ‘cause they don’t want you to overcook it,” said Ted Rosen of Dickson’s Farmstand Meats.

“This turkey is the nicest turkey that I’ve come across, I think in terms of flavor, in terms of the experience. And even from the fat and drippings that you’re gonna make your gravy with. It will make your gravy taste that much better,” Rosen said.

Millions of Americans are getting ahead of what is expected be one of America’s busiest travel weeks.

Four million people are expected to take to the air. For many of them, it will be the first time they’re flying since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

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