The rude behavior of plane passengers on flights leaves hairdresser in shock


A plane passenger hung her long hair on the seat of a hairdresser, causing her fury.

Elma Siljkovic was flying to Missouri’s Silver Dollar City with her sister Emi. But not long after they arrived, they were stranded with an unruly passenger.

Elma, a Brooklyn hair salon owner, exposed the woman on Instagram.

Emi’s sister makes a scissor hand gesture at Emi and stares at Emi’s mother, who has placed her blonde hair above the headrest.

Emi looked upset when she saw the long hair draping over the headrest
Emi was upset when she saw her long hair hanging over the headrest

Emi is unimpressed with the view and stares at Elma. Elma then attempts to snap Emi.

“This is exactly the same as someone who ‘clips their toe nails on a train’, Elma wrote in the comments.

“I would love to have syrup on her ends.

The woman left her hair hanging and it almost touched Emi's phone
Emi was almost touched by her hair when Emi left her hair out.

It is unclear if the sisters had complained to the flight attendants about the issue, but they seemed to be enjoying the city right after landing. They also visited the theme park.

Another flight news: A business class traveller from Australia was given special Christmas gifts by the cabin crew.

Whitney Steel shared this little gesture with the Emirates crew two year ago, when she was flying from Australia to South Africa on Christmas Day.

The plane passenger spent about £40 on lip balms, chocolates and eye masks and hand-wrapped them in individual customised packaging.

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