The salon glues a custom-made hairpiece onto Bald Man’s head


A video of a balding man being given a hair system has gone viral on social media with some viewers reckoning the new barnet has shaved 10 years off his age.

In the TikTok clip, uploaded by @novocabelohair on Monday (September 27), a 39-year-old man called Graham who has greying and thinning hair is given the treatment at Ruma Hair in Southport.

“He wanted to know if a hair system would knock some years off,” says the on-screen caption.

The salon then glues a custom-made hairpiece onto Graham’s head that has been color-matched with his natural shade of head hair.

“First we color matched his hair and applied the poly skin base with a glue adhesive then started to snip his new hair into a style,” it added.

The man's hair before he got the treatment

“Graham wanted a low maintenance style he could manage easily.

“I wonder how many years we will take off?”

The clip was “liked” more than 20,000 times and viewers were divided, with many believing Graham looked around 10 years younger and others reckoning he should just embrace the bald.

One user said: “I mean he looked 49 before I’d say 39 now but it’s amazing what hair does. Crazy transformation!”

The hair system was specially made to match his natural colour

A second viewer argued: “Tidying up his beard probably made the biggest difference.”

Someone else commented: “Why have people started calling wigs a hair system? It’s knocked a few years off but there’s no shame in being bald either. Do whatever works for you.”

Although the hair system looks very realistic it comes at a price, with a previous video by Novo Cabelo stating men “shouldn’t pay more than £500” to get one installed.

Some people say Graham looks younger with the hair

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The NHS states that hair loss is a “normal part of getting older” and male and female pattern baldness “usually runs in the family”.

This comes after research found that only a third of people dating someone with hair loss wanted their partner to do something about it – with the vast majority happy with how their partners looked.

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