The Secrets of Celeb Surgeries: A Plastic Surgeon Explains


It’s a well-known fact that most celebrities go under the knife at some point, whether for lip fillers or a major cosmetic change. With the help of Dr. Ashkan Ghavami, celebrities are able to keep their procedures under wraps. 

Plastic Surgeon to The Stars

Dr. Ghavami, who has a client list that includes Iggy Azalea as well as Kim Kardashian, mentions non-disclosure arrangements and private clinic entrances to be some of the best ways for procedures to remain secret. 

“My staff, they already know that anyone that works for me has to sign a confidentiality agreement — essentially like an NDA — so they’re not allowed to talk about what they’ve seen and heard, or what they haven’t seen,” The doctor explained the following: Page Six.

“Some of these celebrities almost never want to even come into an office building. So I’ll do house calls for them, but obviously, they have to come in to do the surgery,”He went on. “The good thing about my building is it’s a tall building. So it’s not like two levels right on [the street]… It’s a lot harder to get to certain parts of this building. So by essence, I chose a building that’s more private anyway.”

Ghavami is a master at creating discrete entrances. His office has back entrances to the clinic and surgery center. He and his staff even stage these entrances for clients. 

“Someone sees them with their sunglasses on, and stuff, in the elevator,”Ghavami shared. “They won’t necessarily know where they’re going to because there’s like 300 offices or whatever here, so they could be visiting their lawyer or their dentist. So that’s part of the privacy.”

Ghavami’s Other VIP Clients

While the plastic surgeon’s clientele includes high-caliber celebrities, he also operates on a very different kind of VIP. “I have people who are foreign dignitaries from other countries to come and their bodyguards — who are all armed — are basically hanging out in their nice suits by the elevator making sure to see who’s going in and out of the suite,”Ghavami stated. 

“Most of them come with their bodyguards or some kind of entourage. And sometimes part of the entourage hangs out in the hallway to make sure there’s nobody with, like, a camera hanging out,”He went on. “So in 15 years, I have never had an issue or a breach.”

While most of Dr. Ghavami’s clients prefer to keep their procedures a secret from the public, others are very open, You can even name Ghavami on social networks. “Iggy [Azealia] posted,”Ghavami stated. “She posted that I did some breast work on her. She gave an interview on her breast and her nose, and she has been open.”

Ghavami was also named on an unreleased album Kanye West/Nicki Minaj track, “New Body.” We might never truly know if our favorite stars have gotten plastic surgery, but now we know that if they did, it’s pretty fair to assume they turned to Dr. Ghavami.

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