The sight of Prince Andrew on the royal balcony was like a slap. ‘dagger to heart’, says expert


During the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012, the royals made an appearance on the Buckingham Palace balcony but Prince Andrew was not one of them and it mirrored Prince Charles’ desire for a slim-downed monarchy

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Prince Andrew ‘demands jury trial’In civil sex case

Most royal celebrations have members of the Firm appearing on the Buckingham Palace balcony in order to welcome the crowds.

So it’s likely the family will gather on the balcony to wave to royal fans in June during the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

However, one member of the family who won’t be making a balcony appearance is Prince Andrew.

Buckingham Palace released a statement earlier in the month saying that the Duke and Duchess of York would no more be performing any public duties.

He is facing a civil trial in New York after sex abuse accusations were made against him. He strongly denies all of the allegations.

However, it won’t be the first time that Andrew has not been present during a royal balcony appearance.

The Queen was celebrating her Diamond Jubilee, 50 years of being on the throne. A visit by the royals to the Buckingham Palace balcony was planned.

Andrew was left dismayed that Charles made the decision to have only the senior royals (Prince William, Duchess Cornwall and Duchess) appear on the balcony.

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Richard Kay, Royal expert, wrote the Daily Mail2012: “For Andrew, according to one close figure, being excluded from the balcony scene was a sudden and totally unexpected demotion from front-rank to peripheral royal. It was ‘like a dagger to his heart and he hasn’t got over it’.

“Charles made a bold statement of intent with this declaration. He had long decided that the Royal Family would be his heirs when he was king. ‘slimmed down’.

“But as a friend of the Duke of York says: ‘The speed and suddenness with which Charles has acted has taken Andrew’s breath away. It’s dreadfully high-handed.’”

Charles is the heir of the throne and has spent his entire adult life preparing to take to the throne as King.

And it’s long been reported that he plans for a slimmed-down monarchy with a team of seven senior royals – that doesn’t include Prince Andrew or his daughters’ Beatrice and Eugenie.

In the meantime, Charles and Prince William, senior royals, have reported that Andrew is’shocked” and wants to present his civil case for sex abuse before a jury. They want to persuade Andrew to settle the matter quickly.

The Duke of York has always denied accusations of rape and sexual assault made by his accuser Virginia Giuffre, who was this month handed the right to take the Queen’s son to trial in the United States.

In his first official response to the court regarding claims made against him last August, the Queen’s son issued 41 straight denials of Ms Guiffre’s allegations.

A royal source told Silver Screen Beats: “After the car crash of Newsnight no-one thinks a seven-hour deposition is a good idea -if he were to appear in court it could be many times worse and senior royals were deeply shocked when they heard that he was demanding a jury trial.

“Everyone wins if this is done as quickly as possible.

“There are deep, deep worries that this will get worse and worse for the family and will overshadow Platinum Jubilee celebrations.”