The Summer House Season 6 Reunion – The Wildest Moments


Let Your Emotions Remain Over the Wine Glass Toss

The Austen situation led to things getting physical during one argument when Ciara threw a wine glass at Danielle. It was a big mistake, she admitted at the reunion. “I let my emotions get the best of me, but that’s not an excuse and I should not have,” Ciara said. “I was just so over being dismissed and disregarded in this house, and the point of the conversation was to actually have a conversation, but [Lindsay] actually had the smuggest of smug looks on her face as if I didn’t even f–king matter. And then Danielle getting involved…”

Danielle insisted she “wasn’t even trying to come at” Ciara, though. “It escalated to the most ugly of places that I could ever imagine,”She said, “Getting emotional.” “We should never get to that f–king point ever—not as women, not as people of color—over a f–king stupid idiot guy.”

“Watching that back has been the toughest,”Danielle has been added. “I just really wish you would’ve texted me.” 

Ciara acknowledged that she should’ve indeed reached out but was worried Danielle wouldn’t be receptive. Unfortunately, as a result, “because so much time has gone by,” Danielle said, “I’ve developed so much hatred in me for you.”