The Supply Chain Shortage Now Impacts Tombstones for Death


It is possible that dead people will have to wait in order to get one of the last products they ever need. That’s right — the supply chain shortages have now hit the tombstone business. 

“Our normal turnaround time went from eight to ten weeks to literally four-and-a-half to six months,” Richard Schultz said.

WTVF was informed by Schultz Monument Company, Tennessee that he has run out of sandblast stencils for marking memorials.

According to him, three companies used the stones, but one company has since gone out of business leaving two suppliers. Due to the fact that some stones are imported from India, delays can also occur with their production.

You want a bronze marker. These delays can be doubled so get in line.

Richard believes that shipping and labor shortages are a major factor in how long people wait to receive their tombstones.

“Every case is a little unique based on how customized it is,”He elaborated. “And sometimes some suppliers run faster than other suppliers.” 

Although most people won’t rush to get their gravestones, it is not uncommon for some to be patient. 

“The information we get from our suppliers is sometimes not always accurate,”He concluded. “So then when I pass that along to my customer, my customer rightfully gets frustrated, and I understand their frustration.”

Unfortunately, for companies like Richard’s, business is booming, due in part to COVID-19 and aging baby boomers.