The Support of Nations Around the Globe Encourages Ukrainian Resolution in the Face Of Continued Russian Aggression


Ukrainians should expect more heavy shelling tonight as the fifth day Russian invasion continues. 

The bravery displayed by the people in face of terror attacks has been admired around the world. The invaders are meeting fierce resistance across Ukraine — their burned out vehicles abandoned by the roadside.  

A video from a military drone shows an impact on an armored Russian column.

A woman from Ukraine’s second largest metropolis recorded a video diary following fighting.

“This is the place where the Ukrainian military destroyed a column of Russian light vehicles,”She said.

Firepower isn’t the only weapon. Video shows unarmed humans stopping tanks. Kira Rudik is a member in the Ukrainian parliament who has also taken up arms.  

“Before five days ago, I had never held a gun in my life. Right now, I am training to use a Kalashnikov to be able to protect who I love,”Rudik said.

Russians are developing a terrifying new weapon: thermobaric rockets. These missiles are like giant flamethrowers, sucking oxygen from buildings and killing all who are inside.

Meanwhile, there are fears about Vladimir Putin’s mental state. Condoleezza rice, former Secretary-of-State, believes that the Russian leader is delusional.

“He seems erratic. He’s descending into something I personally haven’t seen before,”Rice spoke.

The humanitarian crisis is triggered when hundreds of thousands flee to Poland by children and women.

“Ukrainians are tough people. So far what I’ve seen is just putting one foot in front of the other and just taking it one step at a time. You know, getting here is just step one. They’ve got to figure out where they’re going next, where they’re kids are sleeping, how to get out of the cold, how to get some food, and so it’s just kind of a steely-eyed determination to keep going,”Inside Edition spoke with Christina Ruffini, a CBS News correspondent.