The Top 15 Hollywood Salaries for 2022 Are Missing Something: Women


From the Time’s Up movement to increased demands for equal pay, there’s no denying there’s a gender bias in Hollywood. It’s a town where Harvey Weinstein‘s memory still lurks and women age out of their careers faster than they were able to establish them. And as we take a look at the top acting salaries in 2022, we can’You can’t help but notice an uncanny trend.

Tom Cruise tops Hollywood Salaries in 2022

This is a new report. Variety A list of In 2022, the highest salary for actresses or actors in Hollywood. It probably won’t surprise moviegoers that Tom Cruise topped the list, dwarfing the others at a whopping $100 million in earnings from Maverick is the Top Gun. The familiar names are right behind him.

Will Smith brings home a remarkable $35 million to pay for his film Emancipation. Brad Pitt ($30 million) and Leonardo DiCaprio (@ $30 million respectively) are tied for third. Dwayne Johnson is fourth at $22.5 million Black Adam.

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The next ten names are all ones you’ve seen before. They are all box office legends, and 8 of the nine films are sequels to previous blockbusters. But it isn’t until we get 15 names down the list that we see the first woman.

We can’t say we’re surprised that the highest paid actress of 2022 is the talented Margot Robbie. Her salary is for the highly-anticipated Barbie The film is estimated to gross around $12.5 million.

Where are All The Women?

Here’s the deal: $12.5 million for a single film is an extremely impressive figure, there’s no doubt. But it’s hard to ignore the major disparity between Robbie’s salary and the other top dogs in the industry. Robbie has been able to compete with stars like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in major movies. And yet, she’s reportedly only getting half of what her former co-stars will rake in for their latest films.

Robbie is still relatively unknown at the box-office. Jamie Lee Curtis and Emily Blunt, who are being paid $3.5 million and $4 million, respectively, for their roles in the new film, are even further down the list. These are, once again, the highest-paid actresses of Hollywood. This means that many other loved leading ladies will settle for much less this year.

Why Aren’t Actresses Being Paid More?

It’s a complicated problem that doesn’t have just one answer. One explanation is that Hollywood still isn’t writing roles for women. 2021 will be the year of women in Hollywood. Women only accounted for 31% in major charactersIn the top-grossing films that year. Statistics get worse behind the camera, where only 11% of directors were women.

This gap is even wider when you consider women aged 45 and older. This list has one of the most important elephants in it: actresses like Margot Robertbie and Millie Bobby Brown are making the largest paychecks. Robbie and Brown are still relatively new faces around Hollywood, which pessimistically means they’re still profitable.

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But the highest-paid actors in the business are names we’ve been seeing on this list for over a decade now. All the way back 2012—before the world even knew who Margot Robbie and Millie Bobby Brown were—Tom Cruise, Leonardo DiCaprio, Dwayne Johnson, and Will Smith They are still in the top sixThese are the highest-paid actors around the globe.

It can’t help but feel like we’re moving backward. Margot Robbie was only 15th in the list of highest-paid Hollywood stars, while three women were there last year. Here’s hoping 2023 brings more roles for women because this year was a pretty harsh wake-up call for the industry.

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