The tragic death of the groom and bride-tobe in a Halloween car accident causes heartbreak to their families


Courtney Jennings, 18, has been named as the victim of the car crash in Wiltshire on Friday, which also killed her fiancé Jack Paolucci, 19, as they made their way to a halloween party

An engaged couple of teenagers were killed in a car accident while on their way home from Halloween. Their devastated family has paid tribute.

Jack Paolucci, 19, and his fiancé Courtney Jennings, 18, died after a Renault Clio they were in crashed into a tree in Wiltshire.

Two more passengers are still in hospital following the smash. One of them, a 27 year-old man, is in stable but critical condition.

Both teens were in the British Army and were stationed in Tidworth.

Courtney served in Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME), and had just graduated in Sept 2020.

Her family, who have lost everything, released a photo describing her as “selfless with the kindest heart”After meeting Jack, she said that she was the “happiest she’s ever been”.

Her family said: “Courtney lost her life far too soon. It is not right for a parent to find themselves in such a situation. But, through all of our heartache, we have the memories that will never fade.

“Courtney was 14 when she decided she was going to join the Army, and through her own aspersion and determination she succeeded and left home at 16 to join Harrogate Foundation college to achieve her dreams.

“She made herself proud, and all around her as proud of her as they could be. She is bright and cheerful with an infectious smile. You couldn’t help but join her in the fun once she got started.

She was selfless and kind, and she was very close to her family. She showed her love for everyone.

“Courtney was determined and sometimes stubborn, but always saw the bigger picture. When she met Jack she was the happiest that we’d ever seen her. Jack truly looked after her, and that was reassuring to us as parents.

“Speaking to her on FaceTime on Friday she was beaming about them going out to a nightclub together to celebrate Halloween. Her costume took weeks to prepare.

“Unfortunately, she never made it and that breaks our hearts. We were really looking forward to her sending us pictures of the night.

“She sent us pictures before they left and she looked so beautiful. We will forever hold that in our thoughts. We cannot believe that we will never get to hear her voice or hug her again.

“It is absolutely tragic, and we will forever miss our angel.”