The Tragic Story of Robert Sorrells, a ‘Fletch Actor’ who died in prison in 2019,


Fletch lives! This fall, the comedy classic from 1985 will be remade. In 2019, the tragic death of one of the original cast members was a tragedy. Let’s learn his story.

A Cast of Interesting Characters

Chevy Chase, the original star of the movie, portrayed Irwin as reporter. “Fletch” Fletcher. The role is one of the most popular in Chase’s career. FletchAlso, George Wendt was at the peak of his career CheersKareem Abdul Jabbar made a cameo appearance. Geena is also part of the cast. This is Geena’s second movie role, hot off the success. Tootsie.

Confess FletchThe reboot of FletchAfter years of development hell, it is finally being released. Chase’s replacement is Jon Hamm. The film will also star Jon Hamm. Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan and comedian Roy Wood Jr. It’s coming out on September 16.

Robert Sorrells, a character actor, had a memorable role as Marvin Stanwyk. Fletch interviewed Stanwyk while disguised as Harry Truman. Sorrells, 55 in 1985, had an extensive filmography that primarily consisted of westerns and TV roles. A few episodes of “The Simpsons” featured him. GunsmokeAnd Bonanza. You may also recall him as Casey, from the Twilight ZoneEpisode “The Mighty Casey.”

Robert Sorrells is Arrested

A simple trip into a bar led to Sorrells’ retirement on July 24, 2004. On a show such as this, the whole story of his last night as a freeman would have been appropriate. Bonanza. Sorrells was asked leave the Regency Lounge Los Angeles because of his belligerence. Arthur DeLong helped Sorrells to leave the Regency Lounge, and physically restrained him. Sorrells let his anger about the situation take over and the night became deadly.

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To retrieve his gun, he went to Simi Valley Senior Citizens Complex in Simi Valley, California. Sorrells shot DeLong in DeLong’s back when he returned to the bar. DeLong was again shot by Sorrells at the barroom floor. Then he fired at Edward Sanchez, a patron. Both had not interacted with each other until that moment. Sanchez was able to escape being shot in the back and face. 

He was caught

Sorrells tried to flee the scene with his Volkswagon but was quickly captured by the police. He was accused of premeditated killingAnd attempted to premeditated kill. Sorrells attempted not to plead guilty by reason of insanity. However, he retracted his plea instead of a guilty plea. Sorrells was sentenced to 32 years to life indefinitely for his crimes. After 15 years in prison, Sorrells would have been 88 when he died.

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