The Trailer for “The Masked Singer” Season 7 Reveals the First Look at New Costumes


The Masked SingerSeason 7 is coming back faster than you think. Fox has released a trailer featuring the first glimpse at some of the costumes for the competition.

A trailer depicts a fantasy arc that is shown in the trailer. The Masked SingerThese anonymous celebrities are transformed into costumes by logo. It may seem against their will, however, in the end there is a title for musical dominance. It’s more than a stroll in the park.

This season appears to split the characters into three camps. They will be highlighting the good and the bad. This is the trailer’s tagline, but it could also be the theme of the season. Fox, please give us the maelstrom that we want.

You can find the “good”Team, we see a Frog prince waiting for a kiss to transform into a real boy. The “bad”The group presents a green, angry, cyclops with a burning red eye through its head. It is accompanied by a knight or centurion that could have been an extra in Wonder Woman. The final part is the “cuddly”It involves a lemur in sparkly leggings, and an astronaut rabbit plotting how to get to the Moon.

These are six of the characters that we will first see on this season’s series. There are many more to come in the coming weeks. The trailer could hint at some clues behind the celebrity costumes.

Our butterfly wasp overlooks Los Angeles as the centurion emerges from Las Vegas at the signal hit. The lemur may be a country music legend, as she is forced to flee from the stage during her transformation. Another man who takes off on a private plane becomes the Cyclops, while a football star becomes the royal Frog.

The new season will premiere on Wednesday, March 9, on Fox. It is expected to have more surprises in February. The show has seen many changes since its debut season. We saw the introduction of a clue-giving bird in the last season. Blue Bloods star Donnie Wahlberg. Jenny McCarthy, Jenny McCarthy’s wife, did not know who it was. It will be fun to put the pieces together.

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