The Truth About Nicole Scherzinger’s One Direction Hand-Picked


The very beginning Nicole ScherzingerKnow the members One Direction had that One thing.

In the spring of this year,X Factor U.K shared previously unreleased footage showing exactly how the boy band was formed by judges Simon Cowell, Louis WalshOnline. Many people believed Simon was the one responsible for the group’s pairing. However, the clip showed that Simon was actually the real mastermind. Pussycat dollsSingers played an even larger role than many people think. 

During an appearance SherriNicole revealed her reaction to fans learning the truth, and admitted that the release was. “kind of crazy.”

“Honestly, I never thought this footage would see the light of day,”The singer elaborated, and added a laugh. “I thought Simon burned it.”

She noted that “It’s really cool that it came out, because what people are actually seeing is me actually putting them together, the way my mind was working.”