The Truth Behind the Royal Family’s Christmas Dinner Weighing


The royal family is shrouded in mystery. The royal family has more power than it holds in terms of political power. But its history and rituals have kept the common people interested for centuries. 

We love fairy tales. The royal family is our favorite. Princesses or no, there are many age-old traditions that can be tossed in the trash. 

The new Pablo Larraín film, SpencerOne such tradition is brought to our attention by, And if it’s true, it makes spending holidays with the royals sound more than a little bleak.

Get Greeted with Vintage Scales

In the film, Princess Di (played by Kristen Stewart) visits the Queen’s Sandringham estate for Christmas in the early ‘90s. She is asked to weigh herself on an antique scale when she arrives. 

The film depicts this tradition within the context of Diana’s struggle with bulimia. According to the Late Princess herself, “[the Queen] indicated to me that the reason why our marriage had gone downhill was that Prince Charles was having such a difficult time with my bulimia.” 

It can be equally traumatizing and overwhelming to have to weigh yourself publicly when you are struggling with an eating disorder. Add the pressure of being a commoner at a royal event, and it’s plain overwhelming. 

Unsurprisingly, Stewart’s Diana negatively reacts to this odd custom. Prince Charles comforts Diana, but she purges in the film. 

It left the audience with two questions. First, why was Princess Di’s life so unfair? Two, there’s no way this custom could be real—right?

A 120-Year-Old Family Tradition

According to the EIC and royal expert MajestyIngrid Seward, Yes. It is a 2018 Grazia ArticleSeward explained that the ritual dates back at King Edward VII (r. 1901-1910). 

“As the festive period revolves around eating, the Queen ensures that guests ‘weigh themselves’ on a pair of antique scales,”Seward: “This happens before and after the visit.”

Queen Elizabeth’s great-grandfather Edward VII started the tradition to “ensure his guests ate well.”Stewart mentions in the film that Stewart expects visitors to gain at most three pounds during their stay. 

The exact number is not known. However, the tradition itself doesn’t seem to be. To the family’s credit, Seward’s quotes around ‘weigh themselves’ imply the scales don’t work. 

This is the tradition. mayThe last century has seen some changes. However, it seems absurd to keep it around. For those who struggle with their weight, it can even be cruel.This is a lot of us!). 

Can you picture your in-laws asking to weigh you before you have Thanksgiving dinner at the house of theirs? Apparently, being a princess isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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