The virality of Husband’s note to his neighbour about sleeping with his wife is due to the’very British’ message.


This note was written by a husband returning home to find his wife cheating with another man. The internet is in stitches. He then added, “cheers”

A viral note by a husband that found his wife sleeping with another man after returning home from work has gone viral.

The “very British”Note was branded funny “passive aggressive”As it asked the other man to omit the “doing the dirty”His wife, as they are not in an intimate relationship.

Reddit shared the note and hundreds of users on social media have been in stitches since then. BirminghamLive reports.

The man captioned the post: “Came home to my partner in bed with someone else! Pretty sure I struck the right tone?”

It is not known where the note was left, or when it occurred.

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He addressed the note and wrote: “Hey, just wanted to let you know that you’re sleeping with someone who’s married and we’re not in an open relationship so you shouldn’t really be doing the dirty with her.

“I appreciate things can get lonely so don’t mind you popping over for a brew temporarily whilst I’m out but in the future could you give me a heads up so I can move my car for you please.”

Naturally, the husband was said to be heartbroken and took out the note, writing: “Cheers. No 86.”

The Reddit thread has racked up 600 comments.

One joked: “That “Hey”It can be a little confrontational. It is best to reduce it a bit.”

Another laughed: “I’m British and I cannot work out whether this is Olympic level sarcasm or if I have missed something.”

“”Where was that note?” Flex, a member of the Board.