The Week’s Most Surprising Celeb Transformations


Celebrities are changing their hair color and looking like leaves.

Stars switched up their signature looks this week, including a redheaded look Megan Thee Stallion  Hailey BieberShe dyed her hair brunette. Plus, Daisy Edgar JonesMade a tweak to iconic Normal PeopleShe also cut off several inches of her hair to create a trendy lob.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart—photographed for the first time in months—brought back one of her most rock ‘n roll looks ever: the mullet. This time, she was wearing the mullet. TwilightStar, who first wore the look in 2010, updated it by adding another style.

Are you also making significant changes? Kylie JennerHe was followed by Kendall JennerThe’s and Bella HadidFollow these steps to see how the bleached eyebrows look. Megan FoxFor a refreshing change, she ditched her dark locks. House of the DragonsShe described platinum blonde as a “platinum blonde”. “a slutty but studious Targaryen goes to Paris.”

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