The ‘Wheel of Fortune” Change has been largely ignored by the public for over a year.


This missing wedge was not obvious to you. Last year, Wheel of Fortune A certain feature was removed from the game. We’ll let you decide if the change was for the better or the worse.

‘Wheel Of Fortune’Say goodbye to ‘Free Play’

At this time last Year, Wheel of Fortune decided to throw away the “Free Play”Tile has been a popular choice, but not many people have noticed the changes. “Free Play” First introduced in 2009, replacing “Free Spin”At the time. The wheel was spun by a contestant and the winner was landed on the “Free Play”By using wedge, they could call out any letter (even vowels) and get $500 for each letter that appeared on the board. They were also permitted to try to solve the puzzle.

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If the contestant’s letter didn’t appear or if their answer was incorrect, they could spin again. As far as the game’s rules go, the wedge was a bit convoluted. Many fans opposed its 2009 introduction, while others celebrated its removal. But the tile remained in place for close to twelve years. The wedge was removed by showrunners in 2021. Fans were used to it. “Free Play” option.

In a clip uploaded to the show’s Instagram account last year, host Pat Sajak pointed out the change. “The free play, the dreaded free play is gone… There are a lot of technical reasons why it’s gone. The main one is, I never understood it. So, we just got it out,” Sajak joked. “But now, there’s an $850 space in its place. So, more money is always a better thing!”

Simpler is usually better

Fans’ reactions to the announcement were a mixed bag. While some fans were disappointed, others felt relief. “Finally,”Fans who hated the wedge always seemed to agree with this statement. In the world of game shows, you can’t go wrong with keeping things simple. Wheel of FortuneIt has been entertaining audiences for decades through its simple gameplay: Solve the puzzle and win prizes!

What do you think of the changes? Which were you a fan? “Free Play”The $850 tile was a consolation prize. However, it was briefly replaced by an XL wedge. for the show’s XL Week event. A show like Wheel of FortuneThe best thing about winning big is watching people succeed. Sajak said: “More money is always a better thing!”

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