The White Lotus Actors Respond to That Scene


This article contains spoilers for The White Lotus’ Nov. 27 episode.

We just need to get our jaws off the ground.

We have come to expect the unanticipated from The White LotusWe were NotBe prepared for what was in store for you on the Nov. 27, episode.

After being woken up in the middle of the night, Tanya (Jennifer CoolidgeQuentin (the stumbling block) was found in a separate room when he entered the space.Tom Hollander) having sex with his nephew Jack (Leo Woodall). 

Moments earlier Jack, on a date in Portia’s honor, arrived at Quentin’s Palermo house.Haley Lu Richardson) and said, “I have to do something for my uncle.”

It was a big favor.

The scene was full of sordid passion for both the actors and the actresses. White LotusWriter and creator Mike White.

“Tanya witnessing it, it’s delicious and it makes you realize that he really has got a plan and the writer really is going somewhere,”Hollander exclusively spoke to E! News. “He hasn’t lost his way with this story. It’s very, very confident.”

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