The Winning Pumpkin of the Safeway World Championship Weighed Around One Ton


The Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-Off winner weighed in at around 1 ton.

The massive gourd weighed 2,191 pounds, earning its grower — Jeff Uhlmeyer from Washington state — over $19,000 in prize money.

For its 48th anniversary, the contest was held in Half Moon Bay (California). “Oh, it’s a pleasure to come here. It’s the granddaddy of, in my opinion, of pumpkin competition, “Uhlmeyer.

“So it’s a pleasure to be here and be part of this. Good growers in a good atmosphere, a good camaraderie.”

Uhlmeyer told the Associated Press his success with his pumpkins, which take 100 days to grow, is a result of “Good soil practices. Balance the nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus and just good plant management. So that’s basically what I concentrated on this year and went back to the basics.

“Although it was a long season, I managed to get the seed started in April and be able to pollinate it by June. And the pumpkin took off, and this is what I ended up with.”

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