The World Record for Tallest Living Man may be up for challenge


Sultan Kösen has been the Guinness world record holder for the title of tallest living man since 2009.

With his 8 foot, 2.8-inch stature, Guinness towers over the rest. Guinness says his growth spurt didn’t start until he was 10 years old due to a tumor that damaged his pituitary gland.

This caused the body to produce excessive amounts of growth hormone.

Reports now claim that a Ghanaian man is challenging Sultan for his record. He claims to be more than 9-feet tall. However, until Guinness can confirm the claim, Sultan will still be king.

Kösen’s height led to him leaving school early, but ever since he was certified as the tallest living man, he has been able to fulfill some lifelong dreams, like traveling the world.

He’s even a cultural ambassador for his native country, Turkey.

It is interesting that the Guinness World Record holder for tallest woman living is also from Turkey. Rumeysa Gelgi stands just shy of 7 feet.


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