“There Is No Seasonal Excuse!” Chelsea Handler’s Hilarious Take on Cuffing Season 


Many are getting ready to face the colder weather and seasons change. “cuffing season.” However, comedian Chelsea Handler encourages her followers to “keep your standards high”Instead, try a new Instagram Video. 

Handler says Cuffing Season ‘Doesn’t Even Make Sense’

Handler is seen cuddling with her dog on the couch in the clip. “I just learned about cuffing season,”She began. “This is when you hook up with someone you wouldn’t normally hook up with.”

“This is a seasonal phenomenon where you hook up with someone that you’re really not that interested in because you want to stay warm during the cold winter months?” Handler asked. “That doesn’t even make sense because winter is over with, climate change is upon us.”

She said to her followers, “Get a dog or a weighted blanket. I just want women to remember—and men to remember—not ever just to settle because you’re cold or lonely. Certainly not because you’re cold.”

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“That doesn’t make any sense,”Handler laughed. “That you’re going to go have sex with someone you would never have sex with and form a short-term relationship with somebody because you need to cuff up.”

She continued, “Keep your standards where they belong, ok? You’re in charge of your standards. Just don’t lower your standards, people! There’s no seasonal excuse for standard-lowering.”

‘The Cold Is No Excuse For Bad Judgement’

Chelsea Handler’s followers seemed to agree with her. “The cold is no excuse for bad judgment,”One commented. “Cuddle that dog, drink that wine, find a blanket and call it a day.”Another author wrote “‘Get a weighted blanket’ I couldn’t agree more. They don’t leave the seat up or their shoes in the hallway or fart in bed. Don’t settle. Blankets people. That’s where it’s at.”

Others also shared their thoughts on the subject of cuffing season. One wrote, “In the north (i.e. NWT, the Yukon, Canada) it’s called ‘Beddin Down.’ -40 degrees Celsius, wood fired stoves, it is sometimes necessary. Xo.”Another laughed “My male friends when we were young called it The Winter Betty!” 

Someone else clarified what “cuffing season” means to them. “Wellll, I do agree on some level but cuffing doesn’t necessarily mean sex, it just means cuddling,”They wrote. “And if a 20-second hug releases endorphins and all that good stuff, imagine what an hour of cuddling would do?!” Handler’s video is a good reminder to “keep your standards high,” but it sounds like some people aren’t ready to give up on cuffing season. 

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