Theresa Caputo, a Long Island Medium Star, Rocks No Makeup Look


Long Island MediumStar Theresa CaputoShe is well-known for her ability to speak to the dead, large blonde hair and heavy makeup application. Caputo certainly believes in the Dolly Parton principle that too much makeup is never enough. Caputo, however, shows off her new look in an Instagram post. She ditches heavy makeup but still has big hair and looks completely different. 

Theresa Caputo gets a new look

Theresa Caputo is a big-haired, charismatic woman who makes an immediate impression when she walks into a room. Long Island’s feisty blonde made a name for her self before she launched her TLC reality series. While it was her abilities as a medium that first garnered attention, it was Caputo’s dynamite looks and equally explosive personality that attracted her hordes of fans. 

Caputo appeared very different in a recent Instagram photo. Caputo looked very different in an Instagram post. Long Island MediumThe star still wore her famously long hair but it was much more casual than usual. Caputo’s long, voluminous hair was held up by a clear rubber band. Fans were able to see Caputo with a more casual, dress-down look. Then there was her makeup…or lack thereof. 

The Dressed down Diva is a favorite of fans

Fans quickly took note of Caputo’s no-makeup look, and they were incredibly supportive and complimentary.  “You look better without makeup,”One follower added heart and heart-eyes emoticons to emphasize their point. Another admirer wrote: “You’re adorable and love the hair.”However, most people were too busy with the adorable Caputo to make any comments about her looks. 

Caputo cuddled a tiny teacup piglet. Before any fans began to think she’d brought the pint-sized darling home for good, she cut them off at the pass. She captioned the picture, “Snuggle more baby pigs is my New Years resolution Thank you to @nyteacuppiggies @viccaputo loved the Christmas gift,”The hashtags are also included “#longislandmedium” “#justaplaydate.”

It’s nice to see a different side of Caputo, and obviously, her fans agree. Maybe we’ll be seeing more photos of the New York-based medium in her natural state in the near future. She’s not the only celebrity who’s been rocking a makeup-free look on Instagram. Savvy fans spotted Kim Kardashian looking fresh-faced and fierce while celebrating a friend’s birthday. This trend should continue, we hope!

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