These 10 TV Shows were Canceled almost immediately


The most difficult task in Hollywood is to get a television program from an idea to the small screen. This will allow millions of viewers to witness the work of hundreds of people who are trying to create entertainment. It is always sad and disappointing to hear that a show has been cancelled, even though it was horrible. It is not common, as networks are more likely to air a full season than cancel a series that has low ratings. Some shows are so bad that executives won’t allow them to continue airing them.  

ABC has the latest example. “soft-canceled” Promised LandA critically acclaimed drama about the family that owns a California vineyard. ABC transferred the remainder of the first season already produced to Hulu because the show did not attract a large audience. In May, the show was officially canceled. Queens, which aired all 13 episodes.

A recent example of a show allowed to continue airing despite its low ratings was NBC Science Fiction Series. Debris. Despite not attracting a lot of viewers, every episode of the original season was shown before it was officially cancelled. There is also the famous episode of a show that was cancelled in the middle of its premiere.

Some networks are more willing to give shows a chance, as live ratings have fallen in recent years. This means that it is rare for shows not to air before their seasons end. However, it did happen in recent times. ABC abruptly canceled the Katey Sagal-starring series in May 2021 RebelOnly a handful of episodes were aired. Many fans were disappointed that the show was cancelled after only a few episodes had been aired. However, RebelIt was even invented by Grey’s AnatomyABC executives told Krista Vernonoff that the show was not attracting enough viewers to keep it going. Here’s a list of nine other shows which were abruptly canceled.

‘Y:The Last Man’ (2021).

(Photo: FX)

FX on Hulu cancelled the much-anticipated cancellation in October 2021 Y: The Last ManThere are still three episodes to be released. The project was inspired by the comic book series by Brian K. Vaughan & Pia Guerra and was in development for nearly a decade before it finally launched on Hulu this September. Because of the high costs associated with development, it’s probable that the show must be a hit immediately to make it successful. Hulu and FX pulled out, leaving viewers with little to no reason to continue watching the final episodes, and many others without any reason to start watching. Eliza Clark, the showrunner, confirmed in January 2021 that all efforts to save the show had failed and it was canceled.


‘Turn-On’ (1969)

Television is full with many notorious television incidents, but none as bizarre as The Turn-Onfiasco of 1969. ABC received the order from producers of NBC’s highly successful show. Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-InThey hoped to repeat their success. The show’s off-beat humor, which included sex and antiwar topics, was a great success. The show was so far ahead of its time, some markets pulled the plug on it before it even aired. A second episode never aired. Each episode was originally intended to have a guest. In the case of the first episode, Tim Conway was the guest.


‘Viva Laughlin’ (2007)

Chances are that you’ve been a TV star, no matter how high-profile. Hugh Jackman, who was also a star on the show, is an example of this. Viva Laughlin, a musical comedy co-starring Lloyd Owen, Mädchen Amick and Ellen Woglom. Melanie Griffith also appeared on the show. It aired only two episodes before CBS pulled it from their schedule. The New York TimesThey called it “possible”.This is the worst television show ever..”


‘Day One’ (2010)

After the success in “The Big Bang Theory”, NBC experienced a love affair with high-concept TV shows that included a touch science fiction. Heroes. This continues to this day with shows such as Manifest La Brea. Some of these projects were a failure, but there are others. Day OneDavid Lyons stars in ‘The Post-Apocalyptic Show’. NBC was thrilled about it and ordered 13 episodes before reducing it to 4. They decided to air the pilot as a TV movie. But that was never what happened.


‘Doubt’ (2017)

Katherine Heigl’s post onGrey’s AnatomyBad luck seemed to have reached its lowest point. Doubt. After two weeks, CBS cancelled the legal drama due to low ratings. The show also starred Elliott Gould, Dulé Hill, and Laverne Cox.


‘Emily’s Reasons Why Not? (2006)

Emily’s Reasons Why You Should NotJoined the notorious club of shows that were cancelled after one episode. The series, which featured Heather Graham as the star, could not live up the high expectations of ABC and was soon cancelled. Graham was a romantic comedy staring as a woman whose therapists recommend that she list the reasons for every failed relationship. The reviews were horrible, for some strange reason. All seven episodes aired on Spain.


‘Hieroglyph’ (2014)

HieroglyphThe ambitious Fox project was set to air in 2015. It was ordered straight for series. The network abruptly announced that production would cease in June 2014. No episode of the show aired. Although one episode was completed, it never saw the light. Apparently, there were behind-the-scenes fighting during the production of Ancient Egypt-set drama.


‘Of Kings & Prophets’ (2016)

ABC aired the two first episodes of Of Kings & ProphetsThe network pulled the plug on the costly, Biblical-era drama before it was too late. It had hoped to launch it in fall, but the network held it back until midseason. The drama was then slotted in the network’s famous “death slot”Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET. Coincidentally that fall, ABC aired ET. Wicked CityIt aired in the same time slot, but it was cancelled after three episodes.