These 15 Superbad Secrets are Our McLovin


Rogen and Goldberg could have spent many years writing Superbad, but they weren’t precious about the actors sticking to the script.

Hill was “constantly”Stone explained to E! that improvising is a skill. “I could not keep a straight face. There were quite a few moments that have been cut out and I think—you know, I’m maybe taking the blame on myself that I laughed in the middle of every take. I tried to learn as time went on, but it got harder for some reason because it got funnier and funnier as we sunk into it.”

Hill actually improvised the affectionate “boop, boop, boop” that Seth bounced off of a legitimately surprised Evan’s nose when the bestest buds are bromantically admitting how much they love each other.

Slater gets busted Van Halen‘s “Panama”Hader was also able to make donuts in his squad car. “Then Judd got mad at me,”The Barry star told The Ringer, mimicking Apatow telling him, “‘Do you know how much “Panama” costs?!'”

It turned out that the rights to use were not granted. “Panama”Alleine “cost nearly as much as all of the songs in Adventureland,”Director Mottola Submitted The New York Times In 2009, he was referring to his smaller-budgeted sequel to Superbad.