These 5 Brands Are Making Midlife Women Feel Beautiful!


Suggest has partnered with five innovative brands to celebrate World Menopause Month. These brands aim to inspire, nourish and support women in their mid-life years. Our Menopause Giveaway is now open to all Suggest readers. Win $2,200There are many prizes worth winning in beauty, health, clothing and other areas. 

It has been a long time since women entering their midlife years felt like they were stepping into the dark. Suggest is thrilled to play a role in the pro-aging revolution. We aim to empower women (including us) to explore and celebrate this new stage. 

Thanks to these five brAnds, women in midlife are finally getting the recognition they deserve and the support they need—especially around menopause. Use the form below to enter Suggest’s giveaway to treat your menopause symptoms and yourself.

Meet the Brands (And Get Your Prizes)

Suggest is dedicated to providing our customers with the best brands available. Every partnership we form is built on the same foundation, which is to support and respect midlife women.

1. $200 Gift Certificate for LoveSeen Lashes

Jenna Lyons is a style icon LoveSeenTo discredit the notion that false lashes can be worn in one size fits all. LoveSeen is co-creator with Troi Olvierre and has developed a line of natural, eco-conscious and inclusive falsies that you’ll love. Not sure which lash you’d try? Get help. LoveSeen’s Lash QuizFind out more.

2. $500 Gift Card For MENO Vitamins

This is from the makers of FLO, O Positiv Vitamins MENOA new line of nonhormonal supplements for women who are experiencing the most severe symptoms of menopause: mood swings, hot flashes and night sweats. MENO vitamins are made from natural ingredients such as black cohosh and ashwagandha. They also contain vitamins D3, B6, and vitamins D3 to improve and alleviate symptoms. So, you can celebrate this stage of your life—not suffer through it.

3. $500 Gift Card For Kindra Wellness Products

Are you struggling with menopause symptoms? Meet Kindra. They offer science-backed, estrogen-free products for all things menopause. These include hot flashes, brain fog, and vaginal dryness. They have a high level of customer satisfaction and are highly recommended by doctors. Find out more. You can find out more at 5 Reasons to Try Kindra’s Lotion.

4. 500 Gift Card for WILE Supplements

We’ve loved WILE Women ever since we sat down with its founders to discuss hormonal therapy’s social and medical stigmas. WILE’s line of plant-based wellness products uses a naturopathic approach that works with your body’s hormones, not against them. From Burnout Relief tinctures to stress-soothing Tranq Dranq, WILE’s products are clinically proven to reduce the most stubborn of menopause symptoms.

5. 500 Gift Certificate for The W Marketplace

Imagine shopping online and finding everything you need. And knowing that every dollar you spend goes to a woman-owned company. The W MarketplaceIt is an ecommerce site that allows women-owned businesses to sell everything from beauty products to clothes to wine. W Marketplace offers professional services for women, such as coaches, financial advisors and legal advice.

Entering couldn’t be any easier—simply fill out the form below!

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