These are some movies to watch if you’re spending NYE at home


New Year’s Eve is Christmas Eve’s delightful little brother. Even though the Douglas Firs are beginning to wither, the eggnog has gone sour, and your bank balance is barely what it was once, this year still gives you one last holiday.

However, you don’t have to hit the town to welcome 2023 properly. Sometimes a good movie is more powerful than a glass of champagne to create that feeling of hope and joy.

‘200 Cigarettes’

In 1999, Risa Bramon and Shana Larsen set out to make the ultimate New Year’s Eve movie with 200 Cigarettes. The film follows several characters at a New Year’s Eve party in 1981. So, if you don’t feel like braving the party scene this New Year’s, 200 Cigarettes You bring the party right to your home.

Casey Affleck is portrayed by Ben Affleck, Courtney Love and Courtney Love. Paul Rudd also stars. You might consider buying a DVD copy. This cult classic is nearly impossible to find and isn’t available on any streaming service.

‘Bridget Jones’s Diary’

You didn’t need an excuse to watch this guilty pleasure film again. Bridget Jones’s Diary is a modern retelling of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

Bridget Jones is a character who attempts to improve herself and find love. However, she unexpectedly finds herself in a love triangle. The romantic comedy fittingly kicks off at a family New Year’s Eve party—the catalyst for Jones making some serious resolutions.

If you’re dreaming of finding your own love in 2023 or just in need of a heartwarming and hopeful tale this New Year’s, Bridget Jones’s DiaryIt is the only way to go.

‘About Time’

Time was released in 2013; however, it’s flown under the radar in subsequent years. The story follows a man who discovers that his family members can time travel. He decides to start his own life even though he has this extraordinary ability.

You will be able to laugh, cry, and even call your family with this movie. However, it’s only more relevant for New Year’s since the film begins at a New Year’s Eve party. Although, don’t complain if the film has you singing “Mr. Brightside”You can continue the process for up to a week.

‘Four Rooms’

It only makes sense that New Year’s Eve serves as an extremely effective backdrop for meaningful stories. Four RoomsThe holiday also allows you to share the stories with different hotel guests as you approach the new year.

Each story is told in an anthology format, with each one being directed by another. The film stars Tim Roth, Antonio Banderas and Marisa Tomei. Quentin Tarantino also co-directs. While this 1995 film might not be in your usual rotation, it’s certainly worth a re-watch this New Year’s.

‘When Harry Met Sally’

We have already talked about how. Sally Met Harry is a great re-watch in the fall, you haven’t missed your seasonal window just yet. The romantic comedy spans 12 years and includes two amazing New Year’s sequences.

You truly can’t see this movie too many times—Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal give timeless performances that just don’t get old. If you haven’t already watched it this year, New Year’s Eve is a great occasion to revisit this timeless classic.

‘Ocean’s Eleven’

We don’t blame you have only seen the 2001 version of Ocean’s Eleven however, did you know that the original 1960 version is a New Year’s Eve movie? It’s true.

While George Clooney’s Danny Ocean put together a team of professionals to rob a casino on the night of a boxing match, Frank Sinatra’s Ocean struck five casinos on New Year’s Eve night. There’s a reason the legacy of this classic lives on today. If you’ve yet to watch this quintessential heist film, there’s no night like New Year’s Eve.

‘Money Train’

If you watched Ocean’s Eleven and just haven’t had enough New Year’s Eve-themed heists, then you might want to add Money Train Mix it up and make it a marathon.

Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes star in this 1995 comedy that will make your heart beat faster and leave you laughing. Not to mention, the majority of it takes place on New Year’s Eve night.

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