These are the 10 victims from the Buffalo Supermarket shooting.


There are new details emerging about the 10 victims in the hate-fuelled mass shooting at a Buffalo store in a predominantly Black neighbourhood over the weekend. The victims range in age from 32 to 86 — all lives cut short amid the senseless tragedy. Three other people, a 20-year-old, a 50-year-old and a 55-year-old, were also injured in the shooting

Aaron Salter Jr.He is being praised for his heroism. The 55-year old worked as security in the store and opened fire upon the gunman, before he was shot to his death. It is believed that his quick action saved many lives. The former police lieutenant was an avid car lover and left three children.

Ruth WhitfieldShe was 86 and a mother of four children. She was also a grandmother of eight. She was visiting her husband in a nearby nursing facility and stopped by to pick up groceries for the weekend. 

Katherine MasseY, 72. Also known as “Kat,”Buffalo’s most prominent civil rights activist. Last year, she wrote a condemnation letter to the local newspaper.

Pearl YoungShe was 77. She was a strong supporter of her church and taught Sunday School. She was also a substitute educator and was known for being an exceptional cook.

Celestine ChaneyBingo was a passion for Cathy, now 65. Her six grandchildren brought her so many joy. She went to the supermarket for strawberry shortcake and shrimp.

Roberta DruryShe was the youngest victim of the shooting. She was 32 years old and was killed just outside the store. NPR was told by her brother.Tops was right down the street and she used to shop there for him as he was recovering. 

Heyward PattersonHis beloved deacon, 67-year-old, was at the time a loved member of his church. When the shooting broke out, he was at the store working as a jitney driver, which he’s done for years, The Buffalo News reported. 

Margus D.52-year-old father of three was out shopping for snacks to buy for the weekly movie night he planned for his family. CNN spoke with his stepdaughter. She described Morrison’s personality as “a…” “hero”To the whole family.

Andre MackneilIt was 53. Tops had been his stop to buy his grandson an unexpected birthday cake. His A cousin shared his story with the New York Post, “Just a loving and caring guy. Loved family. Was always there for his family.”

Geraldine Talley She was 62. She was a devoted aunt, mother and grandmother, Talley’s People Magazine: Family told People Magazine. The family stated that she was an expert baker and her calm demeanor helped to bind their families together.