These Are the Rules Fixer Upper Families Need to Follow


Everybody would love to see their house renovated. Chip Joanna Gaines on the famous couple’s home renovation show. Did you know that there are many rules for participants in the home renovation show? Fixer UpperDo you have any guidelines? There are strict guidelines in place for before, during, and after the Gaines’ completely transform a family’s home. 

How do you qualify to be on? ‘Fixer Upper’What is the best way to get started? 

Some geographic It is important to follow the rules before you even think about applying to be on Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna Gaines said they’ll only renovate homes within a 30-mile radius of their hometown, Waco, Texas. “Our kids are young,” Joanna noted as a reason they’ll only stay near Waco. 

The application process requires applicants to send several photos of their home. Based on the recommendations of former applicants Fixer Upper guests, it’s best to take as many photos as possible. However, it’s a long road from the initial online application until being featured on the show. After the casting agency contacts families after their application is submitted, they have to go through in-person meetings, phone interviews, written questionnaires, and video interviews before they’re chosen. 

Rules during the Renovation Process

Most of the rules that participants must follow are found during the Renovation process Fixer Upper. Chip and Joanna are asking families to hand over complete control of every aspect of the renovation, including decor and paint color. Joanna will match the participants’ style, even though Chip and Joanna request that they completely give over design decisions. Joanna asks the contestants to create a Pinterest board in order to get a better sense of their style before she decorates. 

Also, participants aren’t kept entirely in the dark as the renovation is going on. Former Fixer UpperRachel Whyte was the finalist “You’ve heard about the ideas, but Design Day is when you see a visual representation of what they have in store for your home.” Joanna tries to incorporate a sentimental piece into her design so participants don’t have to get rid of all their furniture before the renovation. 

Is Being On ‘Fixer Upper’Is it worth it? 

Even though some participants may not get to meet Chip and Joanna Gaines in person, there are many amazing benefits to being part of the group. Fixer Upper. Even if a family doesn’t like the new renovation, several contestants put their renovated home on the market after Chip and Joanna transform it. HGTV has no problem with this, and the homes usually sell fast because they’ve been renovated by well-known professionals. That’s what we call a win-win scenario!

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