These Are the States With Best and Worst Life Expectancy: Report


A federal report from the National Center for Health Statistics shows us which states have the best and worst life expectancy. 

According to the report, Hawaii ranked the highest for life expectancy at right under 81 years, and Mississippi had the lowest life expectancy at a little over 74 years.

The study ranked all 50 states and Washington D.C. by using death and population data specific to each state from 2019, and said that the life expectancy at birth for the U.S. that year was 78.8 — a 0.1 increase from the year before. 

Researchers used dated prior to the COVID-19 pandemic when the average U.S. life expectancy dropped over a year — the largest decline since World War II, according to CBS News.

The data from 2019 shows that including Hawaii, California, New York, Minnesota and Massachusetts are the five states with the highest life expectancies.

The bottom five with the lowest life expectancies including Mississippi are Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and West Virginia.

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